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Press release: Airspeed House Announcement

Airspeed House

There’s no stopping them! Leading Edge Aviation announce their next
phase of expansion.

Leading Edge are delighted to welcome staff, students & visitors to their newly expanded home at Airspeed house. After an incredibly successful year and strong growth, they are pleased to confirm that on 1st August 2020 they move into their stunning new spaces at London Oxford Airport. With the new space set over three floors, the academy is continuing to deliver first class training to its ever expanding student family. The expansion sees their academy space double in size and enables them to allocate greater space to Ground School, Flight Training, Operations and all support teams. As classes continue to fill and thrive, the team are delighted with the modern space that supports their cutting-edge training programme.

Jeremy Bolduc, Chief Information Officer announced “the new space enables us to continue in the delivery of our first in class training. Our Virtual Reality and Virtual Learning Environment can be accessed by staff and students wherever they are in the academy, and with more space we can ensure our class sizes remain optimised and that students receive the very best training from our Instructors.”

The move follows a successful period for Leading Edge where they have been delivering an uninterrupted Virtual Ground School programme throughout the Covid-19 restrictions coupled with a very successful return to flying.

Dave Alexander, Chief Operations Officer looks back on the evolution of training throughout the period. “It’s been a challenging time but by implementing strict and detailed protocols, our team of Instructors and Students have adapted impressively to the challenges presented to them. The new space will enable us to grow without compromise to our stringent procedures which are key, as the safety of our staff and student family remains our utmost priority.”



Media Enquiries 

Sarah Champneys, Head of Marketing, Leading Edge Aviation.

01865 546300

07393 048536

[email protected]

More about Leading Edge Aviation  

Leading Edge Aviation is a rapidly expanding pilot training academy with a fresh approach and an emphasis on holistic training. Offering the highest standards of regulatory technical training, students also benefit from a comprehensive professional and personal development curriculum to enhance non-technical skills.

Leading Edge delivers modular commercial training and the LEAP® (Leading Edge Airline Preparation) course; a full-time integrated course with BSc degree.

Based at London Oxford Airport, Leading Edge students receive wellbeing support, along with the most advanced learning aids. Virtual and mixed reality tech, and neuro training techniques are used to embed and refine new knowledge and skills, creating pilots who enter the industry airline ready, with strong leadership skills.

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