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The Skills Assessment is your first step to joining one of our LEAP® or Modular courses. Whilst it’s typically full day at our academy at London Oxford Airport, we’re currently offering a Virtual Assessment, so you and our team can adhere to Covid-19 social distancing guidelines and most importantly, stay safe. The Virtual Assessment is split over a couple of sessions, it’s not all in one day, but you’ll still be able to complete all the activities and take part in our group task!

But don’t worry, which ever assessment you choose to join, we’ll look after you at every step.

You can read more about our typical Academy Assessment Day here, and look out for a new article on our Virtual Assessment Day coming soon! When you are read, simply fill in the form below to book your place!

Good luck!

Assessment Days

Used for booking yourself a slot onto assessment
  • Assessment is usually £295, whilst we are adhering to Covid-19 restrictions, our assessment is virtual and reduced to £200. As the government announce further news, we will aim to adjust our courses accordingly. If you book onto an assessment at full price and it subsequently moves to a virtual assessment, we will of course refund the difference.
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