Graduate Services

On completion of the LEAP integrated course, you are now a qualified Commercial pilot with an Instrument Rating and eligible to apply for First Officer positions, but what is next?

Here at Leading Edge Aviation, your journey doesn’t stop with us until you secure your first job, and our goal is to give you the skills to get there.

Our LEAP course includes a 3 day comprehensive Graduate Employment Services course, to prepare and assist you in landing that all important First Officer role. Furthermore, our graduates will then receive regular updates from our team on potential recruitment opportunities and are always happy to answer questions regarding applications.

The extensive course, conducted over 3 days, is taught by a team who have a wealth of experience in pilot recruitment and held at our academy in Oxford. Our instructors will walk you through the assessment process, tailoring the workshop to your personal experience and ensuring you are ready for your first airline interview.

As part of our bespoke graduate services, the 3-day course will cover:

  • Airline applications
  • Maximising your first impression
  • Personal development plans
  • CV workshops
  • Cover letter creation
  • Interview techniques & mock interviews
  • Group exercise training

Maximising your strengths

A core area that the Graduate Services team cover in the course is maximising your first impression. As simple as it sounds, we work with individual graduates to maximise their experience and strengths and build their confidence so that they can interact and engage positively.

This journey begins with identifying student’s skills that they have gained, whether it be from extracurricular activities, employment, education, and of course their flight training.

Not only is this information utilised and practised in person as a group, but we also work alongside students one on one to create and develop an immaculate CV and cover letter tailored towards specific airlines.

Interview techniques & mock interviews

Our Graduate Services team all have established careers in the Aviation industry and therefore have unparalleled knowledge of the recruitment process, both from a personal career perspective, but more importantly an airlines viewpoint.

After building upon your confidence of introducing yourself and getting ‘seen’ by an airline, it is crucial to enhance your chances of success by understanding the interview process. Interviews can vary between companies; however, our Graduate Services course will ensure that you are equipped with the tools to fly through any interview.

Topics considered include pilot competencies, how these may be used as interview questions, techniques including the ‘STARR’ method,

Group exercises

At most Airline Selection days, candidates will take part in a group exercise. Much like the group exercise completed in a skills assessment on entry into a flight training academy, airlines conduct an exercise where prospective first officers will work as a team towards a goal.

Our instructors guide the candidates through the competencies and qualities that are being assessed and productive ways of showing these throughout a group exercise. The opportunity to practise as a group and have constructive feedback on personal performance during the exercise is priceless.

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