Pilot training skills assessment

Your journey starts here. Passing the selection process is a key milestone and unlocks your future flying career.

If you’d like to enrol on one of our commercial flight training courses, you’ll need to pass a Skills Assessment. This process assesses your potential for success and ensures we select the best pilots for the airlines. If you meet the standard, you’ll be invited to enrol on the next available course.

We don’t expect you to have flying experience beforehand as we’ll be assessing your aptitude for ab-initio (‘from the beginning’) training, as well as for life as a pilot. Whether your assessment is online or in person, it’ll involve psychometric computer-based tests, a group exercise and an interview.

We’ll be looking for technical skills such as spatial awareness, reaction speed, multi-tasking capability and numeracy, as well as non-technical skills such as communication, flexibility, leadership, resilience and decision-making. These abilities are key requirements of a pilot’s skill set, and you need to know you’ve got what it takes before embarking on your training course.

Our Skills Assessments are valid for one year. For more information on what to expect during the assessment process, click here.

Once you’re ready to take the first step towards becoming a commercial pilot, select your preferred Skills Assessment date below and our training advisors will be in touch shortly.

Please note, we don’t assess your health or fitness during this process. A Class 1 Medical Certificate will be required as a pre-requisite to training, along with a DBS, if you’re successful in your application.

  • Assessment is usually £295, whilst we are adhering to Covid-19 restrictions, our assessment is virtual and reduced to £200. As the government announce further news, we will aim to adjust accordingly. If you book onto an assessment at full price and it subsequently moves to a virtual assessment, we will credit the difference against your training fees.