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Who we are

Your new home of flying

We’re the newest Aviation Academy in Europe, made up of one of the most experienced teams in the industry. Together, we’ve created a new way of learning, designed around you.
The Academy

Learn, smarter

A new way to learn has landed. You’ll work with your fellow cadets in bright, open and flexible learning studios. It’s hands-on and interactive, using classroom technologies like virtual and augmented reality.
The Academy

Live, better

We believe your living space should feel like a home from home; and we will provide this for you. Somewhere you can relax, study without distractions and be yourself.
The Academy

Work, together

High flying demands high standards and strong teamwork. You’ll be part of our team where everybody works hard, pulls their weight, and looks out for each other.

The Courses

Grow, your way

You’ll qualify as a commercial pilot, and we’ll also help you develop beyond the flight deck. We’ll help you build the best technical skills, as well as a healthy mind and body, so you’re prepared for a demanding life in the skies.

The Courses

Have you got what it takes?

It takes a special combination of the right skills to become a great pilot. Find out more about our Skills Assessment and how the application process works.

Got a question? We’ve pulled together answers to some of the things people ask us most often.

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