December 30, 2023

Leading Edge Aviation – Year End Summary of Achievements

1. Airline Partnerships and Graduate Employment Success:

Graduate Employment: Our graduates have achieved remarkable success, securing positions across a wide range of airlines including British Airways (BA), BA CityFlyer, BA EuroFlyer, easyJet, TUI, Titan Airways, Loganair, Wizz Air, Emerald, Jet2, Aurigny, and Ryanair. This widespread placement is a testament to the quality and relevance of our training programmes. All our graduates receive a 3-day course and ongoing support from our graduate services team to help them prepare for securing their first pilot role.

Recruitment Partnerships: We have established recruitment partnership relationships with British Airways and Titan Airways. Both airlines are recruiting ‘whitetail’ graduates and British Airways are also ‘tagging’ our students during their training programme to identify them for a pathway into BA. These partnerships not only offer direct pathways for our graduates into these airlines but also reflect the recognition of the calibre of our training and the potential of our graduates.

2. University Partnerships:

In 2023, Leading Edge Aviation also became a preferred partner in Buckinghamshire New University’s (BNU) ATO Preferred Partner programme. This partnership combines Leading Edge’s advanced training resources, including a high-tech glass-cockpit Diamond fleet and innovative virtual reality technology, with BNU’s academic excellence. Focused on elevating pilot training, this collaboration enhances the educational experience for aspiring pilots, reinforcing Leading Edge’s role in shaping future aviation professionals and strengthening its position in the aviation training industry.

3. Exam and Training Milestones:

We have seen exceptional success rates across all exams and assessments showcasing the effectiveness of our training:-

  • 85% average ground school mark
  • 97% CPL series 1 pass rate
  • 99% IR series 1 pass rate
  • 99.5% APS MCC pass rate.

A record-breaking total of flight hours logged this year, emphasising our commitment to extensive practical training.

4. Fleet and Training Expansion:

This year we have seen growth in our aircraft fleet size, enabling more diverse and comprehensive training experiences. We now have :-

  • 1 x A320 simulator (FSTD 1)
  • 3 x DA42 simulators (FNPTII)
  • 6 x DA42
  • 17 x DA40
  • 1 x T67 Slingsby Firefly

5. More students, more opportunities

This year we have seen a significant increase in student enrolment, reflecting the growing trust and recognition of our aviation training programs combined with increased confidence in the aviation industry as whole. In 2023 we saw an increase of 25% for students joining our LEAP, MAP and uMAP courses.

The aviation sector is witnessing significant growth, with leading airlines like BA Cityflyer, TUI, Wizz Air, and Ryanair actively recruiting graduate pilots. This surge in demand is bolstered by strong orders for Boeing and Airbus aircraft, indicating a thriving industry. Additionally, long-haul carriers such as BA and Virgin are also seeking new pilots, showcasing a wide range of opportunities across both short and long-haul flights, and highlighting a promising future for aspiring pilots.

6. Addressing Industry Challenges:

2023 also marked a significant milestone with the launch of our Fully Funded LEAP and Flight Instructor Programme. This initiative offered six candidates over £115,000 in training fees and a guaranteed two-year employment as Flight Instructors post-qualification. CEO Andy McFarlane emphasised the programme’s aim to make pilot training accessible and to nurture high-calibre Flight Instructors. This pioneering step reaffirms Leading Edge Aviation’s commitment to innovative aviation training and professional development, addressing both the cost barriers of pilot training and the industry’s demand for skilled instructors.

7. Celebrating Achievements:

Leading Edge Aviation celebrated the graduation of 68 pilots in May at Aerospace Bristol under the wings of Concorde. The event, attended by over 250 guests, including students, their families and airlines marked the culmination of rigorous training, commitment and hard work. Katie Broadhurst, Chief Talent Officer, commended the graduates’ resilience and dedication. The ceremony featured special awards, with Ben Glasgow-Smith, Danny Flood, Vicky Watson, and Paul Hodgetts receiving accolades for their exceptional achievements. Our graduation ceremony not only celebrated individual successes but also showcased our academy’s role in shaping the future of aviation.

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