January 17, 2024

Whole Pilot Approach at Leading Edge Aviation: All the skills you need to become a successful pilot

Leading Edge Aviation’s ‘Whole Pilot’ Approach: All the skills you need to become a successful pilot

Are you an aspiring future Pilot? It takes more than just flying skills to excel in this dynamic field. At Leading Edge Aviation, we believe in the ‘Whole Pilot’ Approach, which focuses on developing a diverse set of skills that go beyond just technical proficiency.

What Does It Take to Be a Successful Pilot?

According to research conducted by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) on what makes a good pilot, the technical flying element only constituted a small part of what experienced pilots believed was needed to be successful. When pilots were asked what makes a good crew member, phrases that consistently came up were “assertive, team player, professional, calm, approachable, listens well, knowledgeable, good operator, open-minded”. So, what truly makes a pilot exceptional goes beyond the controls and instruments. It’s about mastering a set of core competencies that extend far and wide. These traits are formalised as ‘behavioural indicators’ and are the foundation of the nine core competencies identified by EASA and the UK CAA.

Key Components of the ‘Whole Pilot’ Approach

Training the whole pilot

Situational Awareness

Professional Standards

Leadership and Teamwork

Effective Communication

Workload Management

Problem Solving and Decision Making

Knowledge and Application of Procedures

Aircraft Management Manual Control

Aircraft Management Automation

Why Leading Edge Aviation’s Training Stands Out”

At Leading Edge Aviation, we integrate non-technical skills into our training program from day one, to provide a learning environment for future captains. Our Skills Assessment feedback provides continuous evaluation and improvement opportunities based on these competencies. By utilising the 2020 ATPL syllabus, we ensure that our students develop a comprehensive understanding of the subjects while aligning them with the core competencies.

Preparing for a Future in Aviation

Our flight training program is designed to be commercially focused, blending technical and non-technical skills. We equip future pilots to operate successfully in multi-crew environments, preparing them for the challenges they may encounter throughout their careers.

Join the Journey with Leading Edge Aviation’s Whole Pilot Approach

Whether you are looking for Integrated or Modular Pilot Training, join us on the journey of becoming a well-rounded pilot, ready to face any situation and effectively manage an aircraft in all conditions. Embrace the Whole Pilot Approach with Leading Edge Aviation!_


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