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I cannot recommend or thank Leading Edge enough for the outstanding innovative service  they have provided for my son during his Pilot Training. Leading Edge have delivered on all aspects of their promises to create a new kind of Aviation Academy which excels in learning excellency, delivers results and most importantly, to me as a parent, support in which the cadet comes first. I have had first hand dealing with the CEO Andy McFarlane who true to his word was ‘hands on’ and available for support and advice at every stage of my son’s training . I can endorse his passion for the aviation industry and sincerity in providing his cadets with the best learning experience possible.  Mr. McFarlane has created a first-class executive team and the combination of their skill, customer service and expertise is second to none in the aviation industry. Special thanks to goes to the customer support team for their outstanding support, motivation and helping to make the training fun along the way. 

Susan F

At Leading Edge I get to fly regularly, allowing me to always build upon my previous lesson meaning that my training is constantly moving forwards. The training is to the best quality and is airline focused. This makes me confident that I will not only be able to pass my exams, but be a skilled pilot when working for an airline in the future.

Thomas Handy

I signed up to LEA with just one intention, to maintain momentum with my training and complete training within a sensible time period to a high standard. I will leave with swathes of additional qualities, experiences and knowledge I can honestly say are only being taught at LEA. These having been discussed with colleagues at the other “big 3 schools”, they really are missing out on what could be offered.

Andrew Wilczynski

I would like to thank you and all the members of Leading Edge Aviation for the most memorable evening yesterday.  It has been a real pleasure working with everybody albeit for only a short time.  Your company has brought a breath of fresh air to the ATO world and I wish you every success for the future.

John Halstead
Flight Instructor
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