Modular commercial pilot training

Flexible. Focused. Friendly. Modular pilot training allows you to gain your commercial wings in stages, full or part-time, at a pace that suits you.

If you have some flying experience and now want to train for an airline career, this is the course for you.

The flexible nature of the modular route allows you to ‘earn as you learn’ and can be completed more easily alongside existing work, family or other commitments. Our modular pricing structure is simple and transparent, making budgeting for commercial pilot training easier.

Some modular students may be part-time, but you’re still part of the Leading Edge family. You’ll get the same high standard of professional training that our integrated students receive: small, supportive classes, the latest learning aids, and tailored tuition to build your flying skills quickly and efficiently. There’s no two-tier system at Leading Edge.

Once you’ve completed each stage of the Modular Course, you’ll be fully qualified and ready to apply for your first airline pilot role.


1 day

Leading Edge, Oxford

Before you start

  • Class 1 Medical
  • PPL(A)
  • Night Rating
  • 169 hours (of which 100 as PIC with qualifying cross country)

Once you have a PPL, Night Rating and Class 1 Medical, our flexible commercial training modules take you from private pilot to airline ready.

If you’ve not yet got a PPL, visit your local flying school for a trial lesson. If you’re bitten by the flying bug, complete your licence, and then we’ll take you from PPL to airline-ready.

Before beginning the CPL flight training stage, you’ll need 169 hours in your log book (of which 100 as PIC with qualifying cross country). However, this requirement doesn’t need to be completed before you begin our Modular Course. We can offer 30, 60 or 90 Hour Building Packages if needed.

If you don’t yet hold a Night Rating, it can be included in your training plan at cost.

Skills Assessment

  • Computer based assessment
  • Interview
  • Group Exercise
  • Debrief

Successful completion of our Skills Assessment means you’re eligible to embark on our Modular Course.  

Ground Training

26 training weeks

Leading Edge, Oxford

Our Modular Course starts with an education in ATPL(A) theoretical knowledge. Building on PPL theory, you’ll develop the knowledge and understanding required for the Airline Transport Pilot Licence. You’ll study 13 subjects, in two modules, with regulatory exams at the end of each module. We use Padpilot theory ebooks and class sizes never exceed 16.

As with our LEAP course, you will be studying the most up to date academic syllabus, and will also study KSA100 (Knowledge, Skills & Attitude).

13 subjects

  • Aircraft General Knowledge
  • Instrumentation
  • Meteorology
  • Human Performance & Limitations
  • Principles of Flight
  • Communications 
  • Air Law
  • Flight Planning
  • Mass & Balance
  • Aeroplane Performance
  • General Navigation
  • Radio Navigation
  • Operational Procedures

2 modules
750 training hours (minimum)
26 progress checks
13 Qualifying exams

Hour Building

Before you can begin your Commercial Pilot Licence training, you must have 169 hours in your log book (of which 100 as Pilot In Command, with qualifying cross country).

If you need to do some Hour Building before your CPL, we offer 30, 60 or 90 hour packages with our partners, USATS, in Florida, where the conditions are ideal for building skills and experience. Our Hour Building options each have one straightforward price, with no hidden extras, meaning you can focus on progressing your training within budget.

Multi-Engine Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL)

6 training weeks

Leading Edge, Oxford

With ATPL ground school complete, you can take a break from training, or move straight into commercial flight training. All training is conducted from London Oxford Airport where our skilled instructors will build on your existing flying skills and take you to the next level: qualified commercial pilot.

Aircraft: DA42
Training hours: 31.0 Plus Commercial Pilot Licence Skills Test

Multi-Engine Instrument Rating (MEIR)

13 training weeks

Leading Edge, Oxford

Your airline preparation continues with advanced flight training. You’ll train in our AL42 simulator, learn to operate a Diamond DA42 twin-engine aircraft and how to fly in instrument and all weather conditions.

Competency based Instrument Rating courses are available, dependent on experience.

Aircraft: AL42 simulator & DA42
Training hours: 51.3 (may be reduced, depending on experience) Includes Instrument Rating Skills Test
Total aircraft time: 20.8 hours
Total sim time: 30.5 hours

Advanced Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (AUPRT)

5 training days

Leading Edge, Oxford

The final stage of training is Advanced UPRT. This short, intensive course will progress your flying skills to the next level. Using a combination of theory and flight training, you’ll learn how to apply the correct recovery techniques if you encounter upsets in flight at any time in your aviation career.

Aircraft: Slingsby Firefly
Training hours: 4.5 flight training hours (+5 ground school)

Airline Pilot Standards Multi-Crew Cooperation course (APS MCC)

3 training weeks

Leading Edge, Oxford

The APS MCC is conducted in our state of the art MPS Airbus A320 FTD-1 Simulator and will be your first taste of flying as an airline pilot. You’ll work as a crew, learning how to fly a modern swept-wing jet airliner using Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).


  • 25 hours (minimum) Theoretical Knowledge Instruction, including Airline Oriented Training
  • 20 hours of briefing and de-briefing before and after simulator training sessions
  • 40 hours of type-specific (A320) flight simulator training, with pass/fail Final Assessment
  • Online access to all training materials and manuals
  • Use of self-study material, including digital cockpits and immersive 360 degree bite-size training videos

Graduate Employment Services

3-Day Course

Leading Edge, Oxford

Held at our academy in Oxford, our bespoke Graduate Employment Services workshop will help you prepare for your first airline assessment. Our instructors, who have a plethora of experience in pilot recruitment, will guide you through what to expect at an airline assessment process, ensuring that you are as prepared as possible to gain your first airline role.

The course will cover:

  • Airline applications
  • Maximising your first impression
  • Personal development plans
  • CV workshops
  • Cover letter creation
  • Interview techniques & mock interviews
  • Group exercise training

Do you want to know more about our Graduate Employment Services workshop? Click here to read a blog written by one of our graduates, Kieran.


Leading Edge, Oxford

If you’re currently studying for a degree in Commercial Aviation & Pilot Studies*, you will need a flight school for the professional elements of your course. Typically, you’ll complete year 1 of your degree with your university, then in year 2 join a flight school for ground school ATPL theoretical knowledge and foundation flight training. Years 3-4 combine further university course studies with advanced flying back with your chosen flight school (varying schedules dependent on your uni).

Rather than selecting individual modular courses with individual training providers, we have developed a course, uMAP (university Modular Airline Preparation), that integrates with your university degree. Not only does this mean you’re studying with one professional organisation with the highest standards, you will also save money!
What’s included in uMAP?

· Ground School – you’ll study for & sit your 13 ATPL theory exams*
· Up to 124 hours of hour building, this includes your night rating, QXC (qualifying cross country) & PIC (pilot in command)
· 31 hr ME CPL (multi-engine commercial pilots licence) & CPL Skills Test*
· Advanced UPRT (advanced upset prevention recovery training)
· ME IR (multi-engine instrument rating & IR Skills Test*
· APS-MCC in our A320 simulator (airline pilot standards multi crew cooperation)
· Accommodation throughout your training with us, both in UK & at our fair-weather base
· Flights (outbound & return) to our fair-weather base**
· All training materials & uniform including an iPad, Padpilot training materials & access to our VLE (virtual learning environment)
· Graduate Services including our bespoke 3-day employment preparation course

uMAP is your one-stop-shop, perfectly complimenting your university degree. Talk to one of our training advisors today to find out more!

*Commercial aviation degrees include:

• BSc (Hons) Air Transport with Commercial Pilot training

• BSc (Hons) Aviation Management with Commercial Pilot Licence (to be phased out this year, but have a number of students still on it)
• BSc (Hons) Air Transport Management with ATPL Studies (New for 2021)
• BSc (Hons) Air Transport Management with fATPL (New for 2021)

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