May 22, 2024

Perfect Your Pilot Profile Online: Managing Your Online Presence from Student to Pilot

At Leading Edge Aviation, we understand that transitioning from student to professional pilot involves more than just mastering the skies—it extends into how you manage your presence online. 

Social media, in many ways, has become the new search engine. It’s crucial for aspiring pilots to realise that airline recruiters might be checking your social media profiles, not just your flying credentials. This is why maintaining a professional online image is essential.

Social media, though often personal, can blur the lines between your private and professional lives. To keep your digital footprint in check, always ensure your privacy settings are up-to-date and restrict your social profiles from being linked to your personal email addresses. It’s wise to connect only with people you actually know.

Embrace the Challenge

Why not conduct a friendly competition with a fellow student pilot? Swap names and email addresses—just like the ones you’d list on a CV—and spend ten minutes digging into each other’s digital past. Google each other, scour social media, and browse through YouTube. It’s a revealing exercise that shows just how exposed your personal information might be. If you find something that could tarnish your professional image, take steps to address it immediately.

Linkedin: Your Professional Showcase

Moving on from the general sweep of your digital presence, focus specifically on LinkedIn. This platform should be where you’re easily discoverable. Make sure your profile name matches the one you use professionally to avoid missed connections and opportunities. Here are a few tips to optimise your LinkedIn presence:

Enable Tags: 

Ensure that you can be tagged in posts—imagine if British Airways wanted to shout out their favourite new pilot but couldn’t tag you because your mentions were disabled. To enable this, go to your settings and allow mentions and tags.

Proudly display your current employer and industry. Update your banner, use relevant hashtags, and post about your achievements within the company. This not only tracks your professional journey but also casts a positive light on your dedication and enthusiasm—traits that are attractive to future employers.

Keep It Updated: 

LinkedIn might be overlooked by the younger crowd, but it’s highly valued by seasoned professionals. Regularly update your experience, align the dates with your CV, and enhance your skills section. Engagements like endorsements from instructors or recommendations for peers are invaluable.

With LinkedIn’s engagement on the rise, becoming proficient with this tool can significantly bolster your professional image. If your LinkedIn profile is comprehensive, recruiters are less likely to delve into less professional corners of your online life, like that old Facebook album from 2012.

So, what’s the takeaway? As a professional pilot, your online presence can be just as critical as your ability to pilot an aircraft. In the digital age, your social media profiles can speak volumes about your professionalism and character. Ensure they are as polished as your piloting skills, and you’ll set yourself up for success in this competitive field.

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