September 13, 2020

A course of firsts!

A course of firsts!

A course of firsts, Leading Edge Aviation celebrate several exciting new milestones!

Leading Edge are delighted to welcome their newest Integrated LEAP course of students, LEAP- 007 who have started their training this week. Every new course is celebrated in the continued growth and expansion of Leading Edge; however, their most recent course, is a course of firsts. It is their largest LEAP course to date, will be the first course being taught the 2020 EASA ATPL syllabus and is smashing gender barriers in its makeup.

The new course, LEAP-007 is a huge milestone, out of the 13 students, 7 are female. This is their largest LEAP course so far and the first time since Leading Edge’s inception that a course has had a majority female composition, which Leading Edge are very keen to commemorate.

The British Women Pilots’ Association (BWPA) report that globally only 5-6% of commercial pilots are female, with similar percentages in the General aviation field. Leading Edge have a philosophy of paving the way for women in the world of aviation, they hope to set an example of equality to other companies both inside and outside the world of aviation and are committed to growing that percentage with our current gender balance 15% higher than the global average, at 21% female. 50% of the board of directors are female demonstrating their commitment to equality.

Andy McFarlane, Chief Executive Officer, reflected “At Leading Edge we believe gender should not be a barrier to training, we’re committed to delivering high quality training to students regardless of gender, background and race – With our primary focus on delivering the best training, using infrastructure at the cutting edge of the industry to produce some of the world’s best pilots”.

In addition to this, it will be the first time our students have been taught the EASA 2020 ATPL Syllabus. Leading Edge firmly believe in being at the forefront of new breakthroughs in all of aspects of their training and are one of the first UK ATOs to deliver this syllabus.

Dickie Hughes, our Chief Theoretical Knowledge Instructor commented “The Ground School Instruction team have worked extremely hard to redesign the ATPL teaching programme in line with the EASA 2020 syllabus. I am confident our instructors and students will rise to the challenge and continue to deliver excellent results.”

The expansion of the flight training offering follows several announcements, including expansion of their academy, launch of an Advanced UPRT syllabus & the continued growth of their state of the art Diamond Aircraft fleet. Further evidence of their growth and success in all areas of the business. But this is not all, look out for further news over the next couple of months.


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More about Leading Edge Aviation
Leading Edge Aviation is a rapidly expanding pilot training academy with a fresh approach and an emphasis on holistic training. Offering the highest standards of regulatory technical training, students also benefit from a comprehensive professional and personal development curriculum to enhance non-technical skills.

Leading Edge delivers modular (including Ground School, MECPL, CBIR, MEIR, uMAP (university Modular Airline Preparation), A-UPRT (Advanced Upset Prevention Recovery Training), APC MCC (Airline Pilot Standards Multi Crew Co-operation), LEAP (Leading Edge Airline Preparation) course; a full-time integrated course with BSc degree and a comprehensive graduate airline selection preparation workshop.

Based at London Oxford Airport, Leading Edge students receive wellbeing support, along with the most advanced learning aids. Virtual and mixed reality tech, and neuro training techniques are used to embed and refine new knowledge and skills, creating pilots who enter the industry airline ready, with strong leadership skills.

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